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Sections of DGPM

The Executive Board of DGPM can build sections to pursue specific tasks, in accordance with § 5 of the Articles of Association. Currently the following sections exist:

Prof. Dr. W. König (Speaker of Balintsektion)

Section Group Psychotherapy
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schultz-Venrath / Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. med. Serge Sulz (Chairman of the Section group psychotherapy)

Section hypnosis and relaxation techniques
Dr. G.R. Clausen (Chairman of the Section hypnosis and relaxation techniques)

Section Family Psychosomatics
 Dr. med. Björn Volker Nolting (Chairman of the Section Family Psychosomatics)

Section Urologic Psychosomatics
Dr. med. Hermann J. Berberich (Chairman of the Section of Urology Psychosomatics)