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Young Forum in DGPM

During the last DGPM/DKPM congress in Berlin in March 2015, a special subdivision 'Young Forum' (Junges Forum) was established to provide a platform within the DGPM for young doctors interested in and wanting to continue their post-graduate education in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy.

The aim of the 'Young Forum' is to represent their interests and needs, with the organization of clinical training and how to combine both practical and theoretical training being the main issues.

The “Young Forum” welcomes those doctors interested in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy directly after graduation from medical school until one year after finishing their post-graduate spezialization in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. There is a financial incentive for new members. Within the DGPM, two speakers represent the 'Young Forum'; these are elected annually during the DGPM/DKPM congress
Contact: junges-forumdgpmde